Native Instruments Reaktor 6

Reaktor 6 has been a long time coming. It runs as a stand-alone software or software instrument plugin or effects plugin within your DAW. Having played a supporting role as the framework for other synths like Razor, Rounds and Monark, which are ‘powered by Reaktor’ and sold separately, it is back with its first major update in years.



Stephan Schmitt ‘The father of Reaktor’ spoke on its origins

“We were pioneers in introducing software to instrument building. The idea of using a computer as an instrument, or taking it on stage, was still strange for most people back then.”

“When we decided to go for a modular structure, we were much more radical than popular modular systems. We were looking at each control element as a single module. So we could create virtually any kind of user interface. I became fascinated how people could continuously make new instruments.”

Reaktor Today

“I like that people are overcoming their shyness to modular systems. This wave has brought so many people in touch with experimenting with signals. Reaktor has always allowed you to wire things up yourself. But I feel like now, this wiring up has become so popular in the hardware world, maybe people will have another look and discover the endless possibilities in Reaktor.”

create instrument

Reaktor is a development environment for musical instruments and effects. It can be used ‘as is’ with its endless routing and modulation possibilities, extensive ensemble library with samplers, synthesisers, groove boxes, effects processors and sequencers. Each of which is itself crammed full of presets or ‘snapshots’, you can customise existing ensembles, or you can go under the hood and create your own sounds and instruments from scratch.

One of the exciting new additions to Reaktor 6 is called Reaktor Blocks; 30 wonderfully useful modular blocks make up this great sounding monophonic modular synthesiser.

There is also an online user library you should check out if you own the software. There a whole legion of amazing Reaktor builders create instruments and effects and then share them with other registered users.

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