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Native Instruments Reaktor 6

Reaktor 6 has been a long time coming. It runs as a stand-alone software or software instrument plugin or effects plugin within your DAW. Having played a supporting role as the framework for other synths like Razor, Rounds and Monark, which are ‘powered by Reaktor’ and sold separately, it is back with its first major […]

How to fix a MIDI keyboard with a pencil

Whether just one or two keys, or all of them, if you have dead keys on your keyboard it can be highly frustrating, but is often repairable. The problem is, even if you can find someone to fix your keyboard, what is it going to cost? £50? £100? For some cheaper keyboards it is more […]

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Arranging by Kenny Graham

Many books in as many languages have been written on the subject of orchestration – yet it is practically impossible to find a single book that will give you all that you need to know before you sit down to write your first score. This is understandable when you realise that everybody has an individual […]

Cory Henry

An Overview of The Seaboard Grand

The Seaboard Grand has been described as being like no other piano anyone has ever seen or played before. This instrument, which has been referred to as a ‘fretless piano’, was created by design company Roli. It is a futuristic-looking electronic keyboard that replaces the traditional keys of a keyboard or piano with continuous touch […]