Life and Times of Electronic Music

Electronic music had a difficult time breaking into the music industry, but finally became a respected category. One of the biggest reasons the dance culture music has reached new heights must be the ease of creating it with the variety of software available. It can virtually be created anywhere in the world by only using a computer.

Even though every individual is capable of arranging an electronic beat, doesn’t mean it’s all good. World famous DJ’s spend a lot of time perfecting the art with more than just computer software. Production, arrangement and execution to them are equal to the same time bands and singers spend in the studio. The misconception that electronic music is just easy because the tools are readily available is well-known.

Although it’s fun to put a beat together, it can’t really be considered radio-ready. Like fans sing along to pop songs and play air guitar, beat making software gives an opportunity to relate and appreciate electronic sound. Creating an actual song or engaging music takes skill and patience. Electronic music had to survive some harsh critique before it was accepted in the entertainment business.

Slowly but surely more and more artists are incorporating electronics into their acts. Many of them find it as a way to reinvent themselves and others use it to get their songs into clubs. Performers like Rihanna rarely have a track that doesn’t involve some kind of electronic sound. Even rock bands like Linkin Park utilize beats with real instruments.

Whatever a person’s opinion about the genre and what it entails, there is no disputing that it’s taking over. It has become the go-to music when something fresh needs to be created. Needless to say electronic sounds are the way of the future and expect to hear a lot more of it.


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DJ services Washington DC

Tips for hiring the right DJ for your private event

No matter what the event may be, a wedding, company event or a private party, it’s never complete without entertainment. What better entertainment can you get than hiring a DJ for the event?

DJ services Washington DC

DJs today have grown very popular in parties and social events for various reasons. The most common reason is that they are cheaper to hire than a live band and the second reason is that they are more flexible in their entertainment than a live entertainer and can thus cater to a wider variety of tastes.

However as all DJs are not equal, there are some important points and questions you need to keep in mind while hiring a DJ for your next event. The following tips should thus prove useful in making your choice.

1. Visit their website

As most DJs don’t have a shop or office for you to visit, it can be difficult for you to judge their level of professionalism. However most of the professionals do have a website to visit. It is always better to avoid the poorly designed websites with little information as it signifies the DJ may not be professional enough for you. You can judge a professional DJ through its style and content. the more professional and detailed the website is, the better the DJ usually is.

2. Hire DJ services Washington DC with the right specialization

Choose a DJ who provides entertainment which matches your event. The many DJ services around specialize in individual social events. While some are strictly wedding DJs, others may specialize in corporate events or children’s parties.

Each specialty requires a special set of skills. So a wedding DJ’s services may not prove useful in a fund raiser. This is why it’s important that you choose a DJ who has experience entertaining the event you are planning.

3. Hire professionals

Always hire a professional DJ as there’s more to being a DJ than just turning tables and producing music. Though many amateur DJs may put up ads in the local paper, they do not offer the professionalism your event requires. So check the yellow pages and business directories for professional DJs. It is always better to hire DJs who have at least 3 years of experience in the field.

4. Don’t forget costs

Of course, cost is an important factor to remember while choosing your DJ. While it’s significantly cheaper hiring a DJ than a live band, DJs do require some financial investments. However while making your choice, remember that while you think cheap DJs help save you money, many a time, a DJ’s quality of equipment and performance is reflected by the DJ costs. Poor equipment and performance may only lead to a failed and embarrassing party.

5. Customer referrals help

The good DJs will have customer endorsements and referrals from former clients. You can use them as a resume for your DJ and if the DJ you choose does not have satisfactory customer endorsements, it’s better to avoid the DJ.

6. Listen to their past work

It is true that websites give you some information about the DJ. However they only give you half the picture; you need to get to know more about the DJ through their work samples. Professional DJs usually have a collection of some work and demo they had recorded at previous events.

Ask to listen to them so that you can get an idea of the type of entertainment they will provide. You not only get to judge their mixing skills through the demos, by listening to them speaking, you get a great indication of their ability of interacting with party guests.

In fact, you can tell if a DJ is good just by taking a look at their songs listing. They usually have a comprehensive listing and genres for you to choose from and use for your event. It’s generally better to choose a DJ who offers a full range of musical choices. They will thus be able to fulfill any specific music requests you or your guests have.

So no matter if you are organizing a political fund raiser or a wedding reception, all your entertainment needs are best taken care of by a professional DJ. With the help of these abovementioned 6 tips, you will be able to choose the right DJ to make your event a great success!


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For a couple of years, may people who need to learn piano have never known the benefits of hiring Huntingdon Valley Pennsylvania piano teachers when they need to improve their skills in playing a piano. This has given a higher reputation in terms of positive reviews for those looking for a place to learn piano:

Why choose them when learning piano?

The following are the benefits you will enjoy:

· Experience their musicianship just as a natural self-expression. You will be in a position to enjoy what you offer when looking for the deals that you need.

· They will teach you how to play repertoire, which covers a wide range of musical styles.

· Develop a capability to progress independently after learning the piano. This includes writing, music reading, composition, arrangement, improvisation, and theory to make you be the best

· Have a self-affirming and highly positive experience throughout the process of learning music

In conclusion, the above reasons should convince you why you need to learn piano from them.

Femme Fatale

Britney Spears Album Femme Fatale

On March 25, 2011 Britney Spears takes her seventh studio album after her latest album Circus released in 2008. For the last two years Britney Spears has worked on this album along with some producers and in February 2011 the news was announced about the new album.

Britney Spears was born on December 2, 1981 in the town of McComb in America. From an early age she already considered the entertainment world at a young age and came up in the television show “The Mickey Mouse Club” along with Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. After this show was canceled, she returned to her hometown in Louisiana a few years later she was adopted at record Jive Records and in 1998 she released her debut single Baby One More Time, and her first album. The first album was a huge success and she became known around the world. Since then she released numerous singles and seven studio albums, including the Femme Fatale. Next several albums, she also played in a movie and many products under its name given why a perfume line.


Femme Fatale Aug05


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Music file compressed 1,000 times smaller than mp3

Source: University of Rochester
Researchers at the University of Rochester have digitally reproduced music in a file nearly 1,000 times smaller than a regular MP3 file. The music, a 20-second clarinet solo, is encoded in less than a single kilobyte, and is made possible by two innovations: recreating in a computer both the real-world physics of a clarinet and the physics of a clarinet player.

The achievement, announced today at the International Conference on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing held in Las Vegas, is not yet a flawless reproduction of an original performance, but the researchers say it’s getting close.

“This is essentially a human-scale system of reproducing music,” says Mark Bocko, professor of electrical and computer engineering and co-creator of the technology. “Humans can manipulate their tongue, breath, and fingers only so fast, so in theory we shouldn’t really have to measure the music many thousands of times a second like we do on a CD. As a result, I think we may have found the absolute least amount of data needed to reproduce a piece of music.”


Music file compressed 1,000 times smaller than mp3 Aug05


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